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How She Did It: 0 to 17k Instagram Followers in 5 Months

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Over the past few months, Cassidy, of @Justeatdallas, has gained thousands and thousands of followers in just a mere months. I had to find out, HOW?! To be up front, Cassidy is a friend of mine. When she was growing her new Instagram she reached out to me to ask for help. Many of the strategies she used were from my course, Instagram for Success.

I interviewed Cassidy to find out just how she did it! Cassidy has now gone on trips and used her Instagram to propel her in the media and online!

How She Did It: 0 to 17k Instagram Followers in Months

1. Why Did you start this Instagram Profile?

It actually started out as a secret from me-Jackson saw a need for not another food critic but food enthusiast.  As a couple we eat out at least once a week, if not more and felt that we had the exposure and experience to share the best of Dallas food.  Eventually I took over a majority of the Instagram posting while Jackson writes for the blog.  It is SO fun to work on something together as a couple-outside our children!

2. What was your vision for this instagram?

Just Eat Dallas has a goal to only share the best of Dallas food and food experiences.  Like I mentioned, we are not critics but enthusiasts which means that when we have a good experience-we will share it with our followers.  We take our influence very seriously and opt to just not post about a poor experience than share it-we understand everyone has an off day and would never want to hurt someone based off one experience.  

3. How long did it take you to reach your instagram following of almost 17k?

In August of last year, we ran a giveaway "Race to 500" and were aiming to hit 500 followers by the end of the month.  To our complete and total shock we have grown to 17k followers over the course of five months.

4. What was your main tactic in gaining a following?

Comments, comments, comments.  The Dallas foodie community is awesome and by searching #DallasFoodie I was able to find like minded accounts to follow and build a relationship.  I would (and still do) spend hours commenting on other accounts and I have built some amazing friendships.

5. What would you recommend to instagrammers for growing an engaging following?

The standard advice is to ask questions on your own posts to get feedback but I find myself doing the opposite.  I try to comment on the people I follow as often as possible-at first it felt forced but over time I have grown to really know some of the people I follow and enjoy "talking" with them.  Also, even if I don't have time to leave an incredibly engaging comment on a follower, I have found that even taking the time to leave a couple words means a lot and leave the opportunity to spark further conversation later on.

6. What do you look for when following someone new?

I seek out other foodies, (especially if they are located in Dallas) chefs, restaurants, basically anything food related!

7. Where can we find you? (your instagram handle etc)



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