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It’s Not About You! Tips for understanding and engaging your target readers

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Tips for Understanding and Engaging your target readers

If you want to have a successful blog, it’s essential you learn it’s not about you. As a first-born child, this was a hard pill to swallow early in my blogging days.


I thought if I created great content on topics I was interested in, I just had to sit back and watch the traffic come in. Yes, I was presenting well-researched, interesting information but the problem was that I wasn’t telling my readers why they should care and how it was relevant to their lives.


Whether you offer e-courses or the promise of delicious recipes, your value is in what you sell to readers.  Even if you haven’t monetized, realize that they are your customers. Successful bloggers know what their readers want, need and can’t live without.


If you’ve ever done a free e-course from Helene you know she’s got this down. Even though intellectually I know what she’s doing, every time she says something like, “I can’t believe all I’m telling you in my new course…” before I know it I’m getting my credit card. So how did she hook me?  Simply put, she has something she knows I want because she knows who I am (a newish blogger who is clueless about SEO).


So how can you do this on your blog?


First things first, you have to understand your readers. In the beginning, they’re hypothetical people, and you create personas for them.


 For example, if you run a health and wellness blog like me, a persona might be Kate, an active young 20 something whose getting used to working 9-5, struggling to pack healthy lunches and often laments choosing happy hour over workouts.


When I write an article about easy, healthy lunches, I write it as if I were talking directly to Kate. As you gather actual data from your readers (surveys, newsletters, social media), you can tweak your personas to accurately represent your readership.


From what I can tell, my readers right now are young, health oriented women between 18 and 35 who want tips on nutrition and health that they can actually use.


Sure, a smoothie recipe is great, but they want help on the days they’re hungover, have cravings they can’t kick, struggle with unexplained bloating or are tackling adult acne.


In short, they want help for when life feels like a hot mess, which is why I’ve created and my Get Real Guides available every Monday.

In less than 4 minutes, you can learn valuable tools to successfully tackle relevant (and inevitable) life challenges. Because let’s be real, if life was all rainbows and kale salads, I’d be out of a job.


Anna is a blogger at The Posh Body where she shares personal experiences, nutrition tips, recipes, problem-solving techniques and research on health conditions and healthy living.

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