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My Favorite Instagram Hashtags to Gain Likes + Organically Grow Your Instagram

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I remember when I first started using Instagram. It seems like forever ago now. The whole hashtag thing was a bit mysterious to me. I worked in marketing and social media, so I understood that a hashtag could lead people directly to others using the same hashtag.

But I didn't quite get how hashtagging would work for me.

Oh sure, I used a hashtag here and there. But they were never really helpful in helping me gain likes or followers. I laughed and thought for sure they couldn't really have an effect on my Instagram.

Wrong. So wrong.

My friend Sarah, over at Venus Trapped in Mars, wrote an incredible post about how she used hashtags to triple her likes. She's right. They work.

My Favorite Instagram Hashtags to gain likes and organically grow your Instagram

Why Should You Use Hashtags?

Not only do Instagram hashtags have extraordinary power to help you gain likes. They are also a great way to:

- Gain new followers organically

- Find new business/creative ideas

- Track how well your hashtag is doing

Hashtags provide a way for users to easily navigate to topics of interest. If you're using hashtags it makes it effortless for others to find you. In order to make hashtags work for you, you need a list of your go-to hashtags. Ones that you can use on the majority of your photos to gain likes and quickly copy and paste whenever you need.

My Favorite Hashtags

1. #photosinbetween

This hashtag was started by me! Since July, this hashtag has been used over 14,000 times. It's good for ANY PHOTO.

2. #Bandofun

This hashtag was started by the very fun company. Their feed is filled with colorful images and pretty pictures.

3. #abmlifeincolorful

Started by A Beautiful Mess, this hashtag can be used on any photo, especially your colorful ones. I use this on every photo I post!

4. #MyUnicornLife

This hashtag is what it sounds like, gorgeous fun, pretty, colorful images.

5. #Candyminimal

If you're ever bored, just look up the #candyminimal hashtag to get inspiration for your next photo. SO many gorgeous images. This hashtag is perfect for

6. #HandsinFrame

Perfect if you're hands in the pic (okay to use if not!). Started by one of my favorite feeds @handsinframe and full of really cool pictures of, well, hands.

7. #TheEveryGirl

Started by The Everygirl, this hashtag is great for absolutely any photo.

8. #PeoplesCreative

Often used for creative imagery, beautiful outdoor scenes, and more. I always love to see what kind of perspective people use with these images.

9. #Visualcrush

We all get a visual crush every now and then, these images are definitely crush worthy. You can use this hashtag on any photo!

10. #PropToIt

A brilliant hashtag started by @alishylishy full of wonderful color and pretty things.


Bonus! use #BloggerVibes for all your favorite blogger pics. Started by @heleneinbetween. That's me!

How to Use Hashtags

Copy and paste the below hashtags and you can simply copy and paste them into your next post:

#photosinbetween #bandofun #abmlifeiscolorful #myunicornlife #candyminimal #handsinframe #theeverygirl #peoplescreative #visualcrush #proptoit #Bloggervibes

I recommend using at least 10 (you can use up to 30 per instagram post) on every photo you use. You can follow me on instagram @heleneinbetween.

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