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SUPER Quick Tutorial: How To Find Your RSS Feed Url

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Finding your RSS can be useful for a number of reasons. But many bloggers are confused at how to find it, understand what it means, and why it matters. Today, I have a super quick tutorial on RSS and how to find it.

How to Find Your RSS Feed URL for your blog

RSS stands for "really simple syndication" and it's used to add your blog to directories such as Bloglovin or use it to update your Newsletter feed (some people have an email system set up and you can choose to receive their blog posts via email every time they post.) Basically, it's the way that your blog lets people know you've updated it.

It "pings" or notifies the server to say hey, I've got a new post! It lets Bloglovin, or any other RSS reader know that you have a new post and it pulls information from that post.

So here's how you find your blog's RSS feed URL:

1. Go to your blog (example,

2. Right Click, and click "View Page Source"


3. Hit: CTRL + F

4. Search for "RSS"

5. Find your RSS feed. It should look something like this:

title="RSS Feed" href="" />

6. Your RSS feed is the link, starting with the "http". For example, on my blogger blog it looks like this:


That's it! I told you, this is a super fast, easy tutorial!