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Welcome to Blog in Between!

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Over 6 months ago I started a secret instagram account: Blog in Between. I didn't use it too often but knew I wanted to have it on hand for when I launched this new site, specifically for bloggers.

Welcome to Blog in Between


Blog in Between is a resource for bloggers to create their best blogs, ever. Curated by myself, Helene Sula of Helene in Between. I'm inviting bloggers to share their tips, strategies and more. And I'll be sharing my own as well.


Blog in Between was started to create a way for all bloggers, no matter how big or small, niche or none, wherever they are, to share, get noticed, and collaborate with one another.

Blog in Between intends to be updated weekly with fresh content from around the web. Want to write for Blog in Between? Share your post idea right here. Your post will be featured and shared across social platforms.


So, how do you follow Blog in Between? There are 5 ways to be notified of new posts:

Instagram, @bloginbetween.




There are a lot of exciting things happening and only more to come! Seriously, lots more to come.