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Your Guide To A Daily Pinterest Schedule

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I think we can all agree that Pinterest has become a pretty darn important tool for bloggers. Because it is built to show our title images, it encourages us to make those images snappy, beautiful, and eye-catching, which in turn benefits us on all of our other social media platforms. And best of all, Pinterest allows us to get a ton of return on a small time investment.

Your Guide to A Daily Pinterest Schedule
But many of you ask: how do I make the best use of my time spent on Pinterest? What pins will attract the most people to my profile, and when? Well, readers, I'm here to answer those questions for you today. I am going to break down for you exactly what to pin and when to pin it to get the best results from the time you spend on Pinterest.

I will break this down hour by hour, and explain my reasoning behind each one. I have spent months perfecting my schedule, and I really have seen a great increase in traffic since I started following this "schedule".
These tips are universally helpful and can certainly be used without a Pinterest buffer, but if you choose to use a Buffer, I highly recommend this one. You don't have to spend all day on Pinterest, making sure you hit each category: just use this as an outline of what to pin at different times during the day! Pin as often as you can from the "popular" category on Pinterest...these pins are proven to get interaction so you definitely want to use them! And of course, remember to pin your own posts, too!

6-7 AM: Breakfast Recipes

I don't know about you, but when I wake up and haven't fully gotten out of bed yet, I typically will pull up Pinterest on my phone and browse a little bit.  So this is the best time to pin breakfast-related posts.  Chances are, your follower is thinking about breakfast so these pins will appeal to them, and you're more likely to get some sort of interaction from them. Bonus tip: Smoothie recipes seem to be especially popular at this time of day.

8-9 AM Kids' Activities or Parenting

Now, breakfast is over and working parents or people without kids are more than likely at work.  Now's your chance to appeal to the stay-at-home moms or homeschooling moms.  Pin activities for kids or parenting tips.  That way when these moms settle into their computer after getting the kids ready and are enjoying their first cup of coffee, they'll see your posts and be ready and excited to interact with them.  Bonus tip: This is also a great time to pin ideas for kids' birthday parties.

11-12 AM: Lunch Ideas

People everywhere (at least in your time zone) are starting to think about lunch.  They're getting hungry.  Even if they're at work, they're probably starting to get a little distracted, and may be dallying on Pinterest a little instead of working.  That's great for you, because you thought ahead and pinned a bunch of great lunch ideas.  Anything from quick sandwiches to which fast-food restaurants offer the healthiest choices, they will all get people's attention.  Bonus tip: You can also pin lunch ideas in the evenings around 7-8 PM for the people who pack their lunches in advance: if you do this, be sure to pin recipes more than restaurant tips!


1-2 PM: Travel

To be honest, I don't really know why this one works, but it does.  Whenever I pin travel-related things at this time, they get a lot of hits.  My theory is that people are still easing back into work after lunch, and so anything that appeals to their sense of adventure will grab their attention.  It may also just be that most travel pins have really pretty pictures.  That's always a good thing.  Bonus tip: You can also pin travel-related items at 8-9 PM with good results.


3-4 PM: Dinnertime

Just like with lunch, you're hitting them when they're hungry with this time frame.  People are starting to ask themselves (or get asked by their families): "what's for dinner?"  You will help them answer that question!  Pin great ideas for main courses, sides, quick meals, luxurious pastas...whatever appeals to you will most likely appeal to others, too!  Bonus tip: pin a main course idea immediately followed by a side that would go well with it.  People watching their feeds will see both at once and will often like/pin the two together since they seem to pair well.


5-6 PM: Cocktail Hour

This is pretty obvious.  People are looking for something to drink now that the work day is over.  Oblige them and bask in the glory. Bonus tip: Try pinning drink recipes that involve few ingredients, or that use ingredients that are commonly found in most homes.  Fancy drinks are exciting, but many people are going for something they can actually make right this second.


7-8 PM: Health and Fitness

After a long day, your followers are probably tired and wondering why they don't feel better. Maybe they're hoping tomorrow will be better.  Or maybe they are just looking for a new exercise to try this evening or in the morning.  Share your favorite health and fitness pins to catch their attention.  Bonus tip: Any pin that lays out a fitness plan without having to be clicked is going to be very popular.  The irony of the fact that people are lazy about these kinds of pins is not lost on me.


There you have it!  This is the general schedule that I follow, and it has really paid on big time for me.  I get a ton of re-pins, likes, and followers by following this schedule.


One last note: you'll notice I don't say anything about blogging pins.  But it is super important to pin those!  People love blogging tips.  The thing is that bloggers are all on such different schedules that so far I have not found a time frame that was any better than another.  Pin these types of things all day long: they are always popular.

Do you follow a pinning schedule?  How do you make it work best for you?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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