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How To Never Run Out Of Blog Post Ideas

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One of the best ways to keep people engaged and interested in your blog is with fresh, new content. We all get stuck with writer's block and have a hard time finding new post ideas. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about what to post.

Here's how I narrow down what to post and figure out how to never run out of blog post ideas.

How to Never Run out of Content Ideas for Your Blog

Cruise Pinterest

I have a secret Pinterest board on my Pinterest where I pin my next ideas for blog posts. Whenever I feel stuck, or need to flush out an Idea, I look there. Pinterest is a wealth of resources.

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Read, Read, Read

The smartest people in the world read everything. News, blogs, books, etc. Reading helps to keep your brain active. My Dad (the smartest person I know) reads more than 3 newspapers a day and goes through a book a week (at least!). Reading will help you start churning out those creative ideas.

Listen to Music

I find music so creative. I love listening to lyrics and the story behind them. It really gives me so many ideas for blog posts and even my writing in general. As someone who's been trying to write a novel for her whole life, listening to music helps to loosen the stress and be more creative.

Ask Your Audience

Your readers and followers are some of the best resources to come up with blog post idea. Simply ask them what they'd like to hear from you. Or, check out which are your more popular posts and write an update to this. You'll feel more inspired just by asking and reading your own content.

Join Online Groups

Having a blog buddy to bounce ideas off is great. Try joining various Facebook groups or Twitter chats to find out what makes the blog world tick and what people are interested in.


Even if I have a blog post idea, I like to research the topic to see if I can come up with an even better idea or to flush out my current content. A great FREE resource is Google Trends. This is also a great way to see what's popular and how you can come up with content ideas. For example, take a look at what's popular right now, then come up with a blog post around that. For instance, when I looked at the Google Trends today there was a lot of talk about the new Tina Fey and Amy Poehler movie, "Sisters." You could write a blog post about why you love those two, how bloggers can learn from them (since they're such excellent writers), or How comedy makes for a great blog post, etc.

Look at Your Past

I already talked about looking at your most popular posts, but if you've been around for a while, take a look at what you posted around this time last year. Is it time to do a refresh of that post? Could you turn that into a series? For instance, on Helene in Between last year I talked about my most popular posts of 2014, you can bet I'm going to do that again this year!


I not only like looking at Instagram for the pretty pictures, I get inspiration. Take a look at the "Explore" page on Instagram to find even more fresh content and new ideas. Sometimes scrolling through these images gives me ideas for blog posts! Follow Blog in Between here: @bloginbetween.

Collaborate with Other Bloggers

I'm a huge advocate for reaching out to other bloggers. I truly believe we can all succeed and I whole heartedly believe in reaching out and working with other bloggers. Not only does this help grow both your blogs and create friendships, it also helps you to put your heads together to brainstorm even more content!

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Have Contributors

You don't have to do it alone! You can ask others to submit to your blog. You should give them a way for their content to shine. Plus, having a contributor helps give new and fresh opinions to your blog. You can contribute to Blog in Between right here.

Switch Up The Format

Getting bored with the same way you produce content? Switch it up! Create a video, come up with an e-book, have image friendly posts (aka Word-less Wednesday), draw out what you think, put it in graphs, or make an infographic. No one says you have to do it one way!

When Inspiration Strikes

Always have a way to write your ideas down. Whether that's in the notes section of your phone or you carry a notebook, it's a great way to not let the ideas escape you. Be aware of the world around you, it's a great resource (the best) to find new content ideas. Start thinking like a writer and piece together what's around you to write your ideas out.

How do you come up with content ideas?